Gaijas Rock Band

Descrição: GAIJAS is a band formed in 2014 by four female elements that recreate live the greatest hits of Rock N Roll sung and played by women over the last decades .
Songs such as " I Love Rock N Roll " by Joan Jett, "Just a Girl" of No Doubt or " I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry , part of the repertoire of GAIJAS that embody the project with a lot of attitude .
Ana Teresa Rodrigues vocals , Sonia Cabrita on drums, Raquel Narciso on bass guitar and Mariana Rosa on electric guitar, present on stage an energetic and powerful sound that had left no one indifferent and had provided guaranteed animation.

Influências: Female Bands & Artists

Performance: Bandas

Actua desde: 2014

Membros: Ana Teresa rodrigues - Vocalista
Mariana Rosa - Guitarrista
Raquel Narciso - Baixista
Sonia cabrita - Bateria e programaçoes

Actua Em: Lisboa, Porto

Preço de contratação: entre 400€ e 1750€

Membro Portal de Artistas desde: 12-2019

Categoria Principal: Covers

Categorias adicionais: Alternativas

Estilo principal: Rock

Estilos adicionais: Rock and Roll

Tipos de eventos: Festival Festa de Empresa

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