Duo Slas

Descrição: If you are looking for exciting acrobatic human statues then Duo Slas is for you!!

Duo Slas present their beautiful acrobatic statues for ambient entertainment during an event. Up on their 1m high plinth Duo Slas are motionless, frozen into statues. Gradually they come to life and begin to move together, creating beautiful statuesque images. Demonstrating control and balance these statues have a special twist – they perform acrobatic balances. From lying on the plinth to balancing one above the other, Duo Slas bring a special dimension to the art of human statues. Including many spectacular and breathtaking acrobatic balances, Duo Slas perform a pre-planned set lasting up to 30mins, during which time only none of the skills are performed more than once - quite a feat!

Perfect for any event, Duo Slas statues has entertained guests at events all over the world!
The statue act can be performed in any of the costumes Duo Slas have available. As well as the costumes shown below, we have several other colours and styles available to us. Duo Slas can also have costumes specifically made for an event though the cost of these costumes will be charged to the client. Please let us know which costume you would like Duo Slas to use in advance.

​Alternative Act: Set to music with an Eastern feel, Duo Slas’act combines beautiful balances, flexibility and choreography with acrobatic flourishes, building to a spectacular finale demonstrating their superb strength, control and grace to the full. Duration: 6min

Duo Slas are available for acrobatic walkabout, an ambient entertainment which allows us to mix and interact with the audience. Max of 3 x 20 mins sets. We can provide our own background music or can use the music already being played.

Human Statues are perfect for all sorts of corporate functions including shop openings, exhibitions, festivals, product launches, openings of Public Buildings, Colleges, Universities etc.


Performance: Artes do Espectaculo

Actua desde: 2016

Actua Em: Lisboa, Setúbal

Membro Portal de Artistas desde: 08-2016

Categoria Principal: Homens Estátua

Categorias adicionais: Acrobatas

Estilo principal: Não Se Aplica

Tipos de eventos: Casamentos Promoções

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